Infineon launches first IGBT6 discrete duopack

Claimed to be the first discrete IGBT duopack on the market produced on a 12 inch wafer, the 1200V IGBT generation TrenchStop IGBT6, is available from Infineon.

The IGBT technology is designed to fulfill customer requirements for high efficiency and high power density. The IGBT6 family was optimised for use in hard switching and resonant topologies operating at switching frequencies from 15 to 40kHz, reports Infineon. Typical applications are uninterruptible power supply (UPS), solar inverters, battery chargers, and energy storage.

There are two versions of the 1200V TrenchStop IGBT6. The S6 series features a trade-off between a low saturation voltage of VCE(sat) of 1.85V and low switching losses. The H6 series is optimised for low switching losses. Application tests confirmed that the direct replacement for the Highspeed3 IGBT with the IGBT6 S6 series translates into 0.2 per cent efficiency improvement. The positive temperature co-efficient allows easy and reliable device paralleling. Additionally, the Rg controllability allows for adjusting the switching speed of the IGBT to the destination application.

The 1200V TrenchStop IGBT6 families are in volume production. The product portfolio comprises 15 and 40A with a half- or full-rated freewheeling diode in a TO-247-3 package. What is described as an industry leading current density for a discrete IGBT is delivered by the 75A variant integrated with a 75A freewheeling diode in TO-247PLUS three- or four-pin package.

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