Inline 3D-CT automated X-ray inspection system is compact and lightweight

Compact, lightweight, inline 3D-CT automated X-ray inspection machine, developed by Saki, is designed for inspection of printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs). The 3Xi-M110 reduces the dose and exposure to X-rays during inspection and features new soldering quality inspection functions for PCB assembly applications.

It ensures the quality of hidden solder joints for bottom-electrode packages, such as BGAs, LGAs, and QFNs, which are found in advanced embedded devices, telecommunications, and automotive products says the company. Planar Computed Tomography (PCT) provides precise volumetric measurements and shape reconstruction to find voids, head-in-pillow (HiP), and other defects that are difficult to identify.

The 3Xi-M110 hardware platform is 1,380mm wide and weighs 3,100kg, making it 40 per cent lighter and reducing its footprint by 25 per cent over its predecessor. Although the cast iron frame is lighter in weight, it maintains the rigidity needed for stable operation and accuracy, while the imaging range has been optimised to handle board sizes up to 360 x 330mm. For larger 360 x 510mm boards, two-step image capture is available.

The 3Xi-M110 delivers exceptional speed and accuracy by utilising a double motor-driven system equipped with a high-precision linear scale manufactured by Magnescale to optimise power and precision. Saki’s enhanced PCT technology algorithm improves image capture speed by 30 per cent, reducing production-line takt time.

Saki’s X-ray tube can reduce X-ray exposure up to 70 per cent by powering on the X-rays only at the moment of image capture. An exposure dose simulator allows the user to monitor the radiation dose. Based on that information, the method and magnification for releasing the X-rays can be set. The new X-ray tube design does not require periodic maintenance or spare parts, and the built-in monitoring system reports when the tube needs replacing.

Saki will demonstrate the 3Xi-M110 at productronica 2019 (12 to 15 November) in Munich, Germany, at stand A2 – 259.

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