Intelliconnect extends solderless, field-replaceable connectors

Offering faster assembly time and field replaceable connectivity, the solderless, field-replaceable connectors available from Intelliconnect (Europe) provide solderless attachment to semi rigid cables.

The company’s portfolio now includes 0.047-inch to join existing 0.085 and 0.141-inch cables. The clamp connector series offers customers an alternative for assembling connectors to semi-rigid cable with no loss in performance or reliability, says Intelliconnect.

The stainless-steel 2.9mm and SMA connectors have been designed for applications where reliability, durability, robustness and high-frequency performance are vital. Typical applications include civil and military telecommunications, civil and military aeronautics, military equipment, space and measurement systems.

The Intelliconnect solderless connector range is characterised by field replaceable capability, guaranteed equivalent performance to solder connection, no special tooling required, and cable retention force is similar to soldered versions.

According to Intelliconnect, system designers will benefit from faster assembly time, repeatability and performance and they also provide field replaceable connectivity in the event of wear or damage to the connector.

Roy Philips, managing director of Intelliconnect (Europe), describes the solderless connectors as alternatives to conventional types for assembling connectors to 0.085-inch (RG405) and 0.141-inch cables with no loss in performance or reliability. “Solderless assembly speeds manufacture and facilitates field replacement in the event of wear or damage to the connector,” he adds.

Intelliconnect (Europe) manufactures a range of standard and custom RF connectors and components, including waterproof and fast turnaround custom designs which are undertaken without non-recurring engineering (NRE) charges to customers. Intelliconnect also manufactures a large range of coaxial adaptors to facilitate inter-series connection and gender change.

In addition to custom cable assemblies Intelliconnect’s cryogenic cables and components work to 2K (-271.15 degrees C) for a wide range of applications including test and measurement, instrumentation, medical and material research and cryogenic systems including dilution refrigerators, superconducting magnet systems, low temperature detector systems, infrared array systems.

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