Intelliconnect launches CryoCoax division for cryogenic systems

At this year’s International Cryogenic Engineering Conference and International Cryogenic Materials Conference at the University of Oxford, Intelliconnect (Europe) announces its CryoCoax division, specialising in connectors and cable assemblies for Cryogenic Systems.

CryoCoax cabling and connectors are used across many applications and industries, including testing and measuring, system quantum computing, space and instrumentation.

The CryoCoax range of connectors includes sturdily constructed stainless steel interconnects including SMA, SMP, custom-designed products and all common connector interfaces.

Cables and cable assemblies from CryoCoax are crafted from the finest materials and using the most advanced manufacturing techniques available in the market, claims Intelliconnect, with test capabilities to 40Ghz.

CryoCoax designs and manufactures standard, IP68 and glass-sealed hermetic adapters and a range of attenuators, from 0 to 30dB which are specially configured to withstand the lowest temperatures.

CryoCoax’s core capabilities include the ability to withstand temperature to 2K and below, stainless steel cable assemblies to 40GHz, niobium titanium cable assemblies to 40GHz, cupro nickel cables, raw St/St and NbTi cable, non-magnetic cables, SMP connectors, crimp solderless and 2.9mm connectors and adapters, sealed adapters, hermetic connectors and adapters, attenuators, low temperature hardware

Roy Phillips, managing director of CryoCoax, commented,” CryoCoax specialises in the design and manufacture of cryogenic interconnect products. As a dedicated division of the Intelliconnect group, CryoCoax . . . [provides] cryogenic solutions to some of the biggest tech companies in the world.”

CryoCoax is a member of the British Cryogenics Council (BCC) and the Cryogenic Society of America allowing it to extend the market reach of its cryogenic cables and components and to participate in the rapid development of this growing field. The BCC currently has over 100 members and it provides a broad spectrum of expertise from companies providing cryogenic products and services to universities undertaking low temperature research and end-users of cryogens and cryogenic

CryoCoax’s cryogenic cables and components work to beyond 2 K (-271.15 degree C) and are suited to a range of applications including test and measurement, instrumentation, medical and material research and cryogenic systems including dilution refrigerators, superconducting magnet systems, low temperature detector systems, infrared array systems.

In addition to the new CryoCoax product range Intelliconnect (Europe) manufactures custom cable assemblies, a wide range of standard and custom RF connectors and components, including waterproof and fast turnaround custom designs which are undertaken without NRE charges. Intelliconnect also manufactures a large range of coaxial adaptors to facilitate inter-series connection and gender change.  Typical applications include MIL and aerospace, marine, oil and gas, medical and general microwave markets.

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