Isolated buck topology reduces component count in power conversion 

High efficiency is delivered in a compact footprint when using the L6983i isolated buck converter, said STMicroelectronics. The 10W isolated buck converter is designed for protected power conversion and gate driving in IGBTs, SiC and GaN transistors.

The L6983i also delivers low quiescent current and a wide input range of 3.5 to 38V. It is therefore suitable for applications that require an isolated DC/DC converter. Implementing an iso-buck topology means fewer components are used compared with a conventional isolated flyback converter. Equally, it does not require and optocoupler, saving bill of materials costs and PCB space, added ST.

Further benefits of the L6983i include two microA shutdown current and integrated functions such as adjustable soft start time, internal loop compensation and power good indicator, as well as protection from over-current and thermal shutdown. The selectable spread spectrum feature improves EMC performance.

The L69183i is capable of sourcing/sinking up to 4.5A primary current, which allows the switching frequency to be adjusted from 200kHz to 1MHz and to be also externally synchronised. The IC can be used to power isolated gate drivers for IGBTs and SiC and GaN transistors, industrial automation, small traction systems and charging stations, and isolated safety equipment.

ST also offers the STEVAL-L6983IV1 evaluation board to explore the features of the L6983i quickly and accelerate the time to market for new projects.

The L6983i is in production now, in a 3.0 x 3.0mm QFN16 package. 

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