Isolated technology driver maximises power efficiency for industry 4.0

Analog Devices claims to maximise efficiency and minimise electromagnetic (EM) emissions of motion systems as customers migrate to higher density automation, at the launch of the ADuM4122 isolated, dual-drive strength output driver. It uses iCoupler technology.

Improvements in motor efficiency can improve economic and environmental benefits in industrial automation and IoT within smart factories, reports Analog Devices.

The ADuM4122 is designed to satisfy the growing demand for intelligent technology and features within systems. It accomplishes this by controlling how fast or slow a MOSFET or IGBT turns on or off by user command, on the fly, to control motor currents, says Analog Devices.

Mack Lund, director of the Interface and Isolation Technology Group at Analog Devices explains that users can dynamically move from a slower to a faster switching transition, optimising EM emissions without sacrificing efficiency. “In short, you no longer have to leave performance on the table when trying to achieve lower emissions and power consumption,” he said.

The ADuM4122 is a simple dual-drive strength output driver that efficiently toggles between two slew rates controlled by a digital signal. It is in an eight-pin SOIC, making it smaller than existing discrete or complex integrated solutions that have 20 or more pins, says Analog Devices.

An evaluation board is also available.

The ADuM4122 further improves system capabilities with high common-mode transient immunity and low propagation delay for high performance applications such as motion control, robotics and energy.

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