Isotropic antenna serves Wi-Fi 6  and 5G bands

At the EMV Show 2023, Rohde & Schwarz will present the SEMF-B2E isotropic antenna for the TS-EMF measurement system. The antenna is designed for EMCE measurements up to 8 GHz.

The antenna covers the frequency range from 700MHz to 8.0GHz and allows simple and precise evaluation of emissions on site, even for new radio services, said Rohde & Schwarz. When combined with the company’s spectrum analysers, the TS-EMF measurement system detects high frequency electromagnetic fields (EMF) in the environment.

Used with handheld spectrum analysers, the isotropic antennas support frequency selective measurement of RF emissions. This tried and tested measurement method simplifies EMCE measurements because the isotropic antenna directly measures all directions and polarisations, explained Rohde & Schwarz.

Isotropic antennas conventionally only have to cover a frequency range up to 6GHz for standard radio services. The new radio services such as Wi-Fi 6E and new 5G bands such as n96, n102, and n104, however mean that frequency ranges up to 7.125GHz have to be covered. 

The R&S TSEMF-B2E antenna for the TS-EMF measurement system has a frequency range of 700MHz to 8 GHz and can now simply measure this range isotropically.

When combined with the R&S FPH or R&S FSH handheld spectrum analysers, three antennas in the R&S TS-EMF measurement system are available to cover the frequency range from 9kHz to 8.0GHz. The EMF measurement option for these analysers provides an automated test sequence on site and creates a report to help ensure that transmitter systems comply with the applicable limits and furnish proof of conformity for third-parties. 

Higher frequencies up to 44GHz can still be measured with a handheld analyser and handheld directional antennas such as the R&S HE800-PA to support stirring.

Rohde & Schwarz will showcase the R&S TSEMF-B2E isotropic antenna in combination with the R&S FPH handheld spectrum analyser at the EMV 2023 trade show in Stuttgart (28 to 30 March) in Stuttgart, Hall 2 – 615.

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