IT-EMCCD image sensors target low-light applications

Additions to the ON Semiconductor portfolio of Interline Transfer Electron Multiplying CCD (IT‑EMCCD) image sensors target extreme low-light applications such as medical and scientific imaging, as well as commercial and military applications for high-end surveillance. 

The KAE-08152 shares the same 8.8Mpixel resolution and 4/3 optical format as the KAE-08151, but incorporates an enhanced pixel design that doubles Quantum Efficiency for near-infrared (NIR) wavelengths such as 850nm. This enhancement can be critical in applications such as surveillance, microscopy, and ophthalmology, explains ON Semiconductor. The KAE-08152 is fully drop-in compatible with the existing device, to simplify adoption by camera manufacturers.

All devices in ON Semiconductor’s IT-EMCCD portfolio are now available with packages that incorporate an integrated thermoelectric cooler. This option addresses the increased effort and potentially higher costs that camera manufacturers can incur when developing a cooled camera design to maximise device performance.

  Interline Transfer EMCCD devices combine Interline Transfer CCD and EMCCD imaging technologies with an output structure to enable a new class of low-noise, high-dynamic range imaging. Interline Transfer CCD provides “excellent image quality and uniformity with a highly efficient electronic shutter”, says ON Semiconductor, while EMCCD “excels under low-light conditions”. Combining these technologies allows the low-noise architecture of EMCCD to be extended to multi-megapixel resolutions. The output design allows both standard CCD (normal-gain) and EMCCD (high-gain) outputs to be utilised for a single image capture – extending intrascene dynamic range and scene detection from sunlight to starlight in a single image.

Engineering grade versions of the KAE-08152 are now available, with production planned for 2Q18.  KAE‑04471 and KAE-08151 devices with integrated TEC coolers will be in production in 2Q18, while cooled versions of the KAE-02150 and KAE-02152 are available today. 

 All IT‑EMCCD devices ship in ceramic micro-PGA packages, and are available in both monochrome and Bayer Colour configurations.  The KAE‑02152 is also available with the sparse CFA colour pattern. 


Evaluation kits are available and on-site demonstrations of IT-EMCCD devices are available.


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