J-Link software introduction targets Linux Arm, using Raspberry Pi

The latest version of Segger’s J-Link software has been developed specifically for Linux Arm. The software includes all command-line versions for applications, including industrial automation use, which uses Raspberry Pi and other single board computing platforms. It supports the same target devices and the full feature set in the established Windows, macOS and Linux x86 versions of the software. For example, there is high-speed download into Flash memory and an unlimited number of breakpoints (including in Flash memory) and a J-Link GDB control program server which makes the J-Link software compatible with all popular development environments, says Segger.

The software is available for both 32-bit and 64-bit Arm Linux, where its 64-bit CPU and memory can be made available in the system. The J-Link software software development kit (SDK) also supports the writing of custom programs for J-Link on Arm Linux.

“It is now possible to use a small Raspberry Pi 4 single board computer with the Eclipse for Embedded C/C++ Developers package and the additional xPack binary tools, plus Segger’s J-Link debug probe and J-Link software to create projects, build them and run debug sessions,” explains Liviu Ionescu, developer of the Open Source Eclipse Embedded CDT project.

The typical use for Raspberry Pi is automated test systems, with the Raspberry Pi acting as a J-Link bridge or server in the LAN/WLAN, adds Rolf Segger, the company’s founder. Now, there other applications, he continues, with the advent of Eclipse Embedded CDT making it possible to use Raspberry Pi and J-Link as hardware to develop, download and debug firmware for embedded devices.

Raspberry Pi was initially designed as an inexpensive way to introduce people to computers and programming, in schools and developing countries. Segger’s software tools are available at no cost for non-commercial usage under the company’s Friendly License. Segger also offers educational versions of the popular J-Link Debug Probe. The J-Link EDU and J-Link EDU Mini are available for educational purposes at minimal cost.

Segger Microcontroller has over 25 years’ of experience in embedded computer systems, producing software libraries, and offering hardware tools (for development and production) and software tools.

Segger provides an RTOS and software libraries including communication, security, data compression and storage and user interface software.


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