Janitza energy measurement devices now available from Conrad

Distributor, Conrad has expanded its measurement portfolio with the UMG 512-PRO power quality analyser and the UMG 96-PA energy measurement device by Janitza. Both are suitable for applications in industry, data centres, infrastructure, utilities, and facility management

The UMG 512-PRO is a Class A power quality analyser (in accordance to IEC61000-4-30) that measures all power quality parameters at all levels of TN and TT networks as well as IT networks. It can also be used for residual current monitoring and energy data management, making it a significant component for production equipment.

A colour graphic display offers access to numerous functions and displays measuring points. Measured values and events can either be displayed numerically, in bar charts form or in line graph form. Waveform display is possible for current and voltage curves.

The UMG 512-PRO power quality analyser supports various Ethernet protocols and enables economical remote monitoring. As a Modbus gateway, the UMG 512-PRO can connect subordinate measuring devices without an Ethernet interface. 

The UMG 512-PRO includes the GridVis-Basic software with which the measuring device can be programmed and configured. The readout, storage, display, processing and analysis of the measured data is also carried out via the software package. One of the software features includes the ability to keep track of consumption data and costs as well as to detect abnormalities.

The UMG 96-PA energy measurement device combines energy management, power quality monitoring and residual currents monitoring (RCM). The device is also available as a MID-compliant type (Measuring Instruments Directive), carrying out certified and tamper-proof measurements in accordance with MID and legally compliant accounting, and energy recording in accordance with the German Renewable Energies Act (EEG) and Electricity Tax Act (StromStG).

The UMG 96-PA acquires current and voltage in different kinds of mains networks, TN and TT networks (overvoltage category 600V CAT III).

It can be used in energy management systems where continuous energy monitoring identifies potential savings and where continuous power quality monitoring avoids production downtimes and quality defects in a product. The RCM measurement (permanent monitoring of residual currents) increases fire protection and personal safety and ensures higher system reliability, says Conrad.

The UMG 96-PA energy measurement device offers a slot for expansion modules, which increases the number of applications. There are two analogue inputs – optionally as 0 to 20mA analogue inputs (e.g. DC measurement) or as RCM measuring inputs with cable break detection. An additional temperature measurement with PT100, PT1000, KTY83 and KTY84 thermocouples is also possible. A protocol interface with Ethernet connection (RJ45) can also be implemented.


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