Junkosha demonstrates mmWave cabling for test applications

At ECOC 2023 Junkosha is showcasing the MWX001 skew matched cable assembly and the MWX6 Series cable. The company said that the quest for ever faster data transfer speeds has driven the newest generation of data centre systems to deploy optical fibre between components. The requirement for high performance cables to test and monitor the integrity of digital signals has become equally critical.

Junkosha’s MWX001 cable assembly is claimed to feature the lowest insertion loss among any cables for test and measurement applications that demand signal stability whilst providing the physical cable flexibility required for test set-ups. It is suitable for testing components within optical fibre communications systems such as bit error ratio testers (BERT). Cable insertion loss is minimised due to the cable structure, which is optimised for measurement up to 110GHz with 1psec skew matching. The combination of the lowest loss and 1psec precision skew match help accurately monitor “eye diagrams” pointed out Junkosha.

MWX001 also exhibits “excellent” phase stability versus flexure, leading to high quality signal transmission with predictable skew performance, which is a prerequisite for signal integrity applications.

The company will also highlight its MWX6 series cable which provides precise skew matching with less than 1psec skew between pairs for the measurement of digital transmissions. This cable has low insertion loss, appropriate for measuring high precision differential transmission signals.

Four types of cables are available with a variety of frequencies, from 26.5 to 67GHz. It features a high performing dielectric material and has a high flex life, said the company, thanks to Junkosha’s precision engineered expanded-PTFE tape wrapping technology. Each cable is designed to provide the highest reliability for testing signal integrity.

Masaru Omoto, product manager for Junkosha, explained: “Our latest products . . . . feature characteristics including an ability to consistently test signal integrity without impacting performance, that are critical for the data transmission of the future which will be needed to handle the increasingly demanding end uses.”

Visit Junkosha at stand number 128 at ECOC 2023 in Glasgow, 01 to 05 October.


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