Keysight adds EV and EVSE testing

The Scienlab Charging Discovery Systems (CDS) portfolio from Keysight includes two test and certification options for testing electric vehicles (EVs) and EC supply equipment (EVSE). One tests charging interfaces within high power charging and the other is an EMC-optimised test used during AD or DC charging.

They have been developed in response to evolving EMC standards and high power charging standards to help project managers and test engineers keep pace with the charging standards for e-mobility. Currently, each test has to be manually modified to suit each standard.

The Scienlab portfolio enables customers to automate tests to improve productivity while reducing test time and costs, says Keysight. Its EMC-shielded design and built-in, low-noise components means that the emission of Scienlab CDS optimised for EMC is reduced to a minimum for EMC testing of EVs and EVSEs under real charging conditions without test environment interference.

Scienlab EMC CDS is used inside an anechoic chamber for conducted or radiated immunity and emission tests. It is immune to external electro-magnetic fields and can be placed close to the specimen during immunity tests. This helps ensure precise and undistorted measurements, explains Keysight.

The Keysight Scienlab CDS portfolio is made up of what is claimed to be the only fully modular test systems that allow testing of EV and EVSE during high-power charging. As such, customers can perform the necessary tests for interoperability according to worldwide charging standards, which reduces time to market and sets a benchmark for quality.

The Scienlab CDS portfolio covers the complete range of charging interface test for all EV and EVSE worldwide, said Dr. Michael Schugt, senior manager of Keysight’s Automotive and Energy Scienlab E-Mobility business.

He added that it delivers holistic solutions that future-proof hardware and software via a modular and flexible design, and provides ongoing development of test cases to keep pace with evolving standards.

Keysight’s Scienlab CDS offers charging station, car manufacturers, and test facilities to address all charging standards and to cover communication and power flow testing as well as providing automated test cases. All products are compatible with all Scienlab AC and DC Power Sources from Keysight.

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