Keysight Technologies’ parametric test reduces time-to-market

The P9000 series massively parallel parametric test system has “True” parametric per-pin architecture, says Keysight, to boost speed using enhanced direct charge measurement.

The P9000 series massively parallel parametric test system accelerates the adoption of new technology and reduces the cost of test in the development and manufacturing of advanced semiconductor logic and memory ICs. For example, with the types of device structure and higher performance, the required amount of parametric test data per advanced technology node (less than or equal to 20nm) is drastically increasing.

Initially, the P9000 enabled 100-pin parallel measurements for multiple devices on silicon wafer by using a dedicated per-pin test unit module. The module had all the typical measurement functions required for parametric test (e.g. voltage, current, capacitance, pulse, and frequency). In addition, direct charge measurement (DCM) technology enabled fast, 100-pin parallel capacitance measurements.

The second generation of the P9000 included Keysight’s rapid Vt measurement technology, which provides single measurements of threshold voltage (Vt) that were more than four times faster than any of the conventional test methods, reports Keysight. Faster single parameter measurements provided by the DCM and rapid Vt measurement technology enabled further improvements in test speed and P9000 was adopted by foundry and memory companies as their next-generation parametric test solution.

This third generation of P9000 has the new per-pin parametric test module, the Keysight P9015A. The tester has further shortened the time of capacitance measurements to address the trend of increasing test volumes of capacitance due to multi-layer interconnection and new device structure. The module enables the measurement of leaky capacitance by using its enhanced DCM technology and enables greater than two times faster single capacitance measurement with good data correlation for various type of capacitance (compared to a conventional LCR meter). In addition, the 100-pin parallel capability of capacitance measurement allows customers to achieve further throughput improvement.

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