KSC PF switch is water-resilient

Automotive and medical device designers are offered a reliable, water-resilient, potting-friendly switch, the KSC PF, says C&K.

The switch is claimed to improve potting level tolerance for faster production and increased levels of reliability, says the company.

The switch is aimed at giving designers a next-generation switch that is compact yet resilient to water ingress – and made to be potting-friendly, explains C&K.

They can be used in the automotive and medical device industries often need to ensure that the switches and components they use can withstand harsh environments – including liquids that could leak in during everyday use, or during the after-use cleaning process, that could damage products. The KSC PF switch is claimed to be the first in the industry to be constructed to meet the size and performance requirements of products with small surface areas, while also withstanding harsh elements such as liquid and vibration.

C&K’s KSC PF soft actuator tactile switch combines a compact SMT form factor (6.2 x 6.2 x 5.2mm) with a potting-friendly extended cage, which improves potting level tolerance, enables faster production and increases quality, says the company. Potting is often necessary to ensure protection even when a sealed switch is used – but potting levels are typically difficult to control in production. In addition, the traditional method of using a flat switch top risks the possibility of the potting compound moving inward and blocking the actuator. By incorporating an extended cage, this issue is avoided, adds the company.

The switches are compact for use in electrosurgical instruments or exterior automotive applications such as door handles and boot openers which need to work every time. They are also protected from harsh environments and regular, repeated usage.”

The switch has a soft actuator, which reduces pre- and post-travel. It is IP67-sealed and offers life cycles of up to 1000k and is designed for surface mount technology, making PCB assembly easy.


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