Link Microtek adds personal EMF safety monitor

Some new features and an ergonomical design characterise the electromagnetic field safety monitor, the RadMan 2LT, now available in the UK from Link Microtek.

The EMF safety monitor is designed to alert workers to the presence of strong electromagnetic fields and covers frequencies up to 8GHz. The RadMan 2LT is manufactured in Germany by Narda Safety Test Solutions. The company also produces the original RadMan personal monitor. The RadMan 2LT is primarily aimed at engineers who carry out installation, maintenance or troubleshooting work on telecomms or broadcast antenna masts.

Capable of delivering 800 hours of operation from a single charge of the standard NiMH batteries, the monitor executes an automatic sensor test at switch-on to provide peace of mind that it is functioning correctly. It comes with a holder and strap for easy mounting on a climbing harness, plus a strong elastic cord for use out of the holder.

Should an alarm threshold be exceeded, the wearer is warned by a combination of vibration alert, audio alarm and an extremely bright alarm indicator light, which is built into the top part of the device. This light is clearly visible from most angles, designed to alert users, even when climbing.

The RadMan 2LT has simultaneous E-field and H-field monitoring capability and provides reliable warnings regardless of the distance from the field source. Narda’s patented shaped frequency response technology enables measurements to be displayed as a simple percentage of the EMF Directive or CEMFAW Regulations Action Level. The alarm threshold is matched over the entire frequency range, so there is no need to adjust it according to the frequency of the field source.

The actual field exposure level is indicated by LEDs in six steps from five to 200 per cent, with the alarms activated if the level exceeds 50 per cent of the limit value. If the 100 per cent threshold is reached, a second, more persistent alarm sounds to warn the user to leave the danger area.

A built-in data logger enables the user to record time-stamped values of E-field and H-field measurements, while a USB-C interface allows rapid transfer of data to a PC for analysis using the RadMan 2-TS software.

Housed in a robust, weatherproof IP65-sealed casing, the RadMan 2LT weighs just 185g and can be used in ambient temperatures from -10 to 55 degrees C.

Calibration is only required every 3 years. 

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