Live fibre detector pinpoints polarity and transceiver issues

From Fluke comes a handheld tool that detects invisible near-infrared (850-1625nm) wavelengths used in fibre-optic communication to troubleshoot cable, port, polarity and transceiver issues.

Designed for one-handed operation, the FiberLert is said by Fluke to be an easy-to-use troubleshooting tool that allows technicians and engineers to test for the presence of near infra-red light without the need for a complicated setup or interpretation of measurement data. When placed in front of an active fibre optic port or patch cord, the tester emits a continuous light and optional tone. The tool is the first of its kind in the market to help determine the cause of the communications failure in fibre-optic networks.

“There are a lot of network engineers and technicians who need to test and troubleshoot fibre connections on an occasional basis but lack the tools and expertise to do so,” said Robert Luijten, Fluke Networks training manager and test and measurement expert.  “So, they are forced to guess as to the cause of a communication issue and replace components such as transceivers and patch cords in the hope of solving the issue.”

FiberLert removes the guesswork by clearly indicating where the signal is present and where there is no signal. This allows users to pinpoint and remedy the cause of the problem, such as a failed transceiver or failed patch cord, and replace it. FiberLert supports single-mode, multimode, UPC/APC patch cords and ports and can test without contacting the port or patch cord, reducing the risk of contamination or damage.

FiberLert’s LightBeat feature flashes the LED to indicate that the power is on and the battery is in good working condition. A timer shuts off the tester after five minutes of inactivity to extend battery life. Rugged design includes a convenient pocket clip and is backed by a two-year warranty.

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