Long-reach, single pair PoE drives intelligence in factory automation

Believed to be the world’s first single pair power over Ethernet (SPoE) power sourcing equipment (PSE) and power device (PD) solutions to help customers drive greater levels of intelligence into smart buildings, factory automation, and other applications at the edge of traditional networks. 

They are designed to facilitate powered, last-mile connectivity for factory and building automation through real-time power management, telemetry, extremely low standby power consumption and ease of installation.

“The Intelligent Edge is one of the most exciting developments of the digital era as computing power is pushed to previously inaccessible applications and locations,” said Leo McHugh, vice president of industrial automation at Analog Devices. 

The SPoE solutions, the LTC4296-1 and LTC9111, address the challenges of providing power and data to devices, even in remote, difficult to access endpoint locations, said Analog Devices. They are designed to help new families of endpoint applications to be seamlessly powered and accessed across the network and used to assess local factors such as asset health, environmental conditions and security metrics. 

Analog Devices’ SPoE solutions reduce reliance on localised power and batteries by using a single twisted pair of Ethernet cables to provide efficient, reliable, easily installed power at reduced size and weight. When combined with ADI’s Chronous ADIN1100 and ADIN1110 10BASE-T1L, industrial Ethernet solutions, customers can reliably transfer both power and data over 1km, representing a significant increase compared with previous Ethernet standards, said Analog Devices.

The LTC4296-1 5-port SPoE PSE with Classification and LTC9111 SPoE PD with Polarity Correction products support both SPoE and power over data line (PoDL) variants of single pair powering. SPoE augments single pair Ethernet (SPE) to provide more reliable, fault-tolerant, and interoperable point-to-point power solutions, delivering up to 52W. Both products are 802.3cg-compliant and support Serial Communication Classification Protocol (SCCP). 

Analog Devices operates at the centre of the modern digital economy, with a comprehensive suite of analogue and mixed signal, power management, radio frequency (RF), and digital and sensor technologies. ADI serves 125,000 customers worldwide with more than 75,000 products in the industrial, communications, automotive, and consumer markets. 


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