LoRa Connect LR1121 lowers power consumption and extends range

The LoRa Connect LR1121 transceiver for use in IoT end points is claimed to bring the best LoRa transceiver RF performance to date, combined with a multi-band versatility which allows a single, low power chip to be used anywhere in the world, said Semtech.

LoRa enables data communication over a long range while using very little power. LoRa devices and the LoRaWAN standard are flexible for everything from long distance rural to indoor use cases in a wide range of industries including smart cities, homes and buildings, communities, agriculture, metering and utilities, healthcare, environment and supply chain and logistics.

The LoRa Connect LR1121 is pin-compatible with the current LoRa Edge devices, allowing module makers such as Murata to have a single hardware design for a wide range of applications, with global connectivity, advised Semtech. Similarly, integrated passive devices such as those from Johanson Technology can be used with the LoRa Connect LR1121 to offer a smaller footprint, reduce time to market and minimise design iterations, according to Semtech.

The highly integrated LoRa Connect LR1121 transceiver provides LoRaWAN connectivity for terrestrial low power wide area networks (LPWAN) operating at 470, 868 and 915MHz. It also provides LoRa 2.4GHz and the S-band for direct connection to satellites. 

“Semtech’s LoRa Connect is targeting the connectivity challenges faced by the industry today enabling widespread adoption and reinforcing LoRa’s position as the de-facto platform for IoT,” said Robert Comanescu, senior director of the IoT chips business at Semtech. He added, the company is continuing to invest and adding products “with multi-band LoRa support and LoRa Cloud services that will provide best in class, sustainable, ubiquitous and global IoT connectivity.” 

New modules and reference designs, developed in partnership with Johanson and Murata, are ready at launch and offer a smaller form factor, lower assembly costs and faster time to market. 

Murata’s Type 2GT module, supporting the LoRa Edge LR1110 and LR1120 products, now supports the LoRa Connect LR1121, for a pre-certified LR1121 variant that is  readily available.

Johanson Technology’s integrated passive device range is also compatible with the LR1121 and replaces many RF passives, allowing a smaller form factor and lower assembly costs. A reference design is available now on the Semtech website.


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