Low-power Sigfox IoT modules have dual RF connectivity

Partners Jorjin Technologies of Taiwan and STMicroelectronics have announced the certification of the dual-radio modules that combine Sigfox wireless-network technology with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).

Jorjin’s WS211x Sigfox/BLE modules feature the energy-efficient BlueNRG-1 BLE SoC from ST and the S2-LP sub-1GHz RF transceiver. These have enabled Jorjin’s modules to deliver cutting-edge connectivity and great battery lifetime, says ST, targeting coin-cell -operated or energy-harvesting IoT applications.

The programmable Sigfox modules exploit the low power Arm Cortex-M0 technology embedded in ST’s BLE SoC to act as independent IoT connectivity nodes. The combination of BLE with Sigfox’s low-power wide-area network (LPWAN) provides benefit to IoT systems, such as firmware update over-the-air (OTA), which is not possible with conventional Sigfox-only modules. Other benefits of having an IoT device connected both remotely through the Sigfox network and locally through BLE include the possibility to modify device settings during installation or maintenance, or to trace assets, which often change their position inside an area covered with BLE beacon stations.

The evaluation board for the WS211x modules uses the Arduino interface to ease customer development and is compatible with ST’s Arduino shield boards featuring MEMS motion sensors, environmental sensors, or time-of-flight (ToF) ranging sensors. A software development kit (SDK) is available from Jorjin enabling customers to develop applications using WS211x modules with ST’s sensor shield boards, as well as an AT command list facilitating customers test of the modules’ BLE and Sigfox functions.

There are two versions of Jorjin’s latest modules available. The WS2118-00 has been certified for Sigfox regions RCZ1 (Europe, Middle East, South Africa) and RCZ3 (Japan), while the WS2119-A0 has been certified for regions RCZ2 (USA, Mexico, Brazil) and RCZ4 (Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Argentina).

Jorjin develops and manufactures miniature modules in the domains of wireless connectivity, central processing, imaging and other sensing technologies.


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