Low power SSD flash memory controller enables 3D NAND in SLC

Claimed to provide the industry’s lowest power consumption, Hyperstone’s X1 SSD flash memory controller has SATA compliance.

The industrial flash controller has hyMap firmware, hyReliability, claims Hyperstone. The hyReliability flash management features wear levelling, read-disturb management, data refresh and best-in-class power-fail robustness. According to the company, advanced protection against radiation and soft errors, SRAM ECC and a low-alpha package ensure operation even under the most demanding conditions.

In addition to comprehensive NAND flash support for industrial applications, Hyperstone provides extensive health monitoring tools enabling advanced system level qualifications. Sandro-Diego Wölfle, product manager, Hyperstone, said: “We provide exhaustive health-monitoring tools and data exceeding the standard S.M.A.R.T. scope for predictive maintenance as well as for thorough qualification and life-time estimation before deploying storage media to the field.”

The X1 SATA III SSD controller, with firmware and reference designs, enables storage applications for industrial and embedded markets, so they can benefit from the most energy-efficient and reliable SSD solution possible, explains Hyperstone. It is based on a powerful proprietary dual-core processor with advanced security features. Hyperstone’s eXtended Endurance (FlashXE) feature, SRAM ECC and end-to-end data path protection guarantee an industrially stable system with today’s flashes, claims Hyperstone.

Hyperstone is a fabless semiconductor company based in Konstanz, Germany. It specialises in flash memory controllers for industrial embedded markets and NAND flash performance in mission critical situations. Hyperstone’s products include microcontrollers for various host interfaces and performance points, e.g. SATA, USB, CF/PATA, SD/microSD and eMMC. Its hyMap flash translation layer (FTL) and hyReliability feature set, reference designs, health monitoring, maintenance and production tools provide a turnkey solution for storage media integrators.

Hyperstone is a member of the CML Microsystems group.


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