Low-power wi-fi chip improves battery for the IoT

Fabless semiconductor company, InnoPhase has announced the Talaria TWO wireless IoT chip. It contains a full functionality, multi-protocol transceiver, MAC/PHY, digital power amplifier and an embedded Arm processor for lightweight applications, explains InnoPhase.

The Talaria TWO chip is designed for battery-based IoT applications and is claimed to be optimised to be the lowest power Wi-Fi solution in the industry. It has the potential to create a whole new class of IoT products that can cut the power cord and be battery-based with a DTIM3 specification at least half that of leading low-power wi-fi solutions, predicts InnoPhase.

Power consumption limits the potential of battery-powered, wirelessly connected products. Frequent battery changes can be inconvenient and expensive. Low-power wireless connectivity designs have to the potential to introduce a range of battery-powered IoT products to the approximately four billion wi-fi-enabled products that now ship each year.

The Talaria TWO platform uses InnoPhase’s patented PolaRFusion radio architecture, which processes radio signals using polar co-ordinates rather than traditional IQ co-ordinates. This digitally-intensive radio option dramatically reduces the amount of power required to transmit, process, and receive wireless information using industry standard wireless protocols, says InnoPhase. This is achieved by moving most of the radio signal processing from power-hungry analogue circuits, found in today’s IQ-architecture wireless devices, into power- and size-efficient digital logic. It actively manages multi-protocol co-existence for 802.11b/g/n and Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0 for edge of network applications.

Initial customer products developed using Talaria TWO have shown battery life improvements of more than 50 per cent compared with competing solutions. Products will now be able to go weeks, months or even years longer between battery charging or replacement, says InnoPhase.

Key customers are now sampling the extreme low power Talaria TWO wireless platform with full commercial availability and certification scheduled for mid-2019.

InnoPhase specialises in extreme low power wireless solutions. The company is headquartered in San Diego, California with additional advanced development centres located in Kista, Sweden, and Shanghai, China.

The company developed the industry’s first digital PolaRFusion radio architecture.


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