Low profile open frame supply is OVC III-certified

For industrial applications, Cosel has introduced a low profile, open frame power supply. The LHA150F is available in two versions, 150 and 300W models.

The series of open frame compact power supplies are EN62477-1 Over Voltage Category (OVC) III-certified for demanding industrial applications. They can be used in measurement and analysis equipment, machine tools and industrial robots, display equipment and semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

Based on power switching technologies, the 150W LHA150F is 30 per cent smaller and gains up to 4.5 efficiency points compared to the previous LFA150F. The 300W LHA300F gains up to six points of efficiency and is 50 per cent smaller than the LFA300F.

An LLC resonant topology and an active filter reduce noise and ripple levels, claims Cosel. The LHA150F and LHA300F supplies offer a wide temperature range from -10 to +70 degrees C. The power supplies are UL/EN62368-1 certified.

Increased levels of systems integration, means that factory automation requires more compact power supplies able to work with the highest levels of safety in a variety of environments. Meeting the OVC level III specified in the EN62477-1, enables the LHA150F and LHA300F to be used as a AC/DC power supply that complies with the high isolation levels needed in order to connect equipment to the facility distribution panel without the need for an additional isolation transformer.

The LHA150F and LHA300F are designed for worldwide applications, with an input voltage range of 85 to 264V AC single phase and conform to the safety standards input voltage range of 100 to 240V AC (50/60Hz).

The 150W LHA150F is available in four output voltages, 12V/12.5A, 24V/6.3A, 36V/4.2A and 48V/3.2A. The 300W LHA300F offers three output voltages, 12V/25A, 24V/12.5A and 48V/6.3A. The output voltage can be adjusted by a potentiometer as standard in the LHA300F, and optionally for the LHA150F (option Y).

Optimised switching topology provides an energy efficiency figure of up to 93.5 per cent, to reduce energy consumption. When operating at light loads or in standby, the LHA150F and LHA300F automatically switch to an energy saving mode using intermittent pulse modulation. This contributes to performance and high reliability. The power supplies include inrush current protection, over-current protection with automatic recovery when the default is removed, and over-voltage protection.

The units are designed to operate from -10 to +70 degrees C and they can be mounted in any direction, though depending on the ambient temperature and environment, a derating may apply.

In conducted noise tests, the LHA150F and LHA300F comply with FCC-B, VCCI-B, CISPR11-B, CISPR32-B, EN55011-B, and EN55032-B. For further improved noise performance Cosel offers IEC61000-3-2 (Class A) compliant harmonic attenuation filters type EAC-03-472 for the LHA150F and EAC-06-472 for the LHA300F.  The units have a 3,000V AC input to output isolation voltage, 2,000V AC input to ground and 500V AC output to ground.

The LHA150F measures 75 x 27 x 160mm (2.95 x 1.07 x 6.30 inches) and weighs 320g. The LHA300F measures 84 x 37 x 180mm (3.31 x 1.46 x 7.09 inches) and weighs 580g.

Additional options are available for specific applications, option-C for a conformal coating for improved moisture resistance, option-G for a lower leakage current (0.15mA max.), option-J4 for input and output EP connectors, and option-Y for an output voltage potentiometer.


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