Low profile tactile switches accommodate SMD LEDs

Surface mount LEDs can be placed directly underneath Cherry’s MX low profile tactile switches. In laptops, this is a useful design criteria for gamers, content creators and streamers, said the company. 

The ULP Tactile switches do not have an audible click but do have noticeable feedback. They are manufactured in Germany and subject to strict internal quality control for precision and reliability.

The switches already actuate after a pre-travel of 0.8mm and an actuation force of 65 centiNewtons. The total travel amounts to a total of 1.8mm, confirmed Cherry.

As a result, the flat switches offer an ergonomic over travel of 1.0mm and the familiar typing feel of a mechanical keyboard. The construction includes the Gold Crosspoint contact system which ensures the precision of the MX ultra low profile tactile switch. The switch has an extra thick layer of gold on the welded contact points, to ensure actuation quality and precision remain the same even after years of extensive use. In this way, explained Cherry, users can be confident of reliable key input.

The polymer components of the ULP are translucent and when placed above surface mount LEDs and under keys in a keyboard they can provide even illumination. In some computing designs, for example, the LEDs can be powered and controlled to allow for pre-defined lighting profiles or custom keyboard effects.

“With our particularly thin MX ULP mechanical switches, we have reached the limit of what is currently technically feasible,” said Rolf Unterberger, CEO of Cherry. “Especially state-of-the-art and powerful gaming laptops . . . [can] gain even more importance for professional gamers, esports players or video and streaming creators thanks to this technology,” he added.

Cherry manufactures mechanical keyboard switches and computer input devices for applications in the fields of gaming, e-sports, office, industry and healthcare. Since it was founded in 1953, Cherry has its operational headquarters in Auerbach in the Upper Palatinate region of Bavaria and production facilities in Auerbach (Germany), Zhuhai (China), and Vienna (Austria) as well as sales offices in Auerbach, Pegnitz, München, Paris, Kenosha (USA), Taipei and Hong Kong.


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