Lynx wins race to deliver Gen II IMA development platform for avionic systems

The LynxSecure Safety Bundle for Intel multi-core processors redefine system development flexibility for integrated modular avionics (IMA), says Lynx Software Technologies UK.

The LynxSecure Safety Bundle is an open system architecture solution that unlocks the potential of multi-core to deliver second generation IMA, which is characterised by the shift from federated and distributed modules towards integrated capability on multi-core processors, and addressing the safety and increased security in the system architecture that this integration creates, explains Lynx Software Technologies.

The LynxSecure Safety Bundle integrates the range of system development services for platform suppliers to build, deploy and sustain an IMA platform. It enables system integrators to leverage modern multi-core hardware to significantly reduce SWaP (size weight and power) by consolidating multiple line replaceable units (LRUs) onto a single platform. It also enables an open development capability in which any bare metal, Linux or other RTOS or OS-based system module or application can reside in a single multi-core time and space partitioned system safely and securely. According to Lynx Software, it provides system integrators with flexibility to create competitive supply chains that don’t impose the cost burden of safe system integration when that functionality is not required.

There are four key capabilities in this bundle. There is LynxSecure, believed to be the world’s only truly secure-by-design separation kernel hypervisor, the LynxOS-178, to run safety critical application workloads, a supported version of Embedded Linux based on the Buildroot technology for non-critical application workloads, and Luminosity, an Eclipse based integrated development environment (IDE). This includes the ability to develop fully separated ‘bare-metal’, OS independent system functions or secure applications using developer tools of choice, meeting the demands for high assurance module development in an open systems development framework.

LynxOS-178 is the only commercial RTOS which has been approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) as a reusable software component (RSC). Up to 80 per cent of the OS certification costs that developers would normally have to bear to achieve DO-178B/C is removed, even as they move to the latest generation of Intel multi-core processors.  LynxSecure assured separation means that only software in the LynxOS-178 partition needs to go through certification even though it resides on the same processor as non-critical applications with no safety requirements. The LynxOS-178 RTOS has been certified to Design Assurance Level (DAL) A, and provides native POSIX API’s, ARINC 653 services, and FACE compatibility.

LynxSecure Safety Bundle for Intel Multi-core processors is available immediately.

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