M12-Mini bulkhead cable connectors have cable gland

M12-Mini bulkhead cable connectors with crimp connection technology from Provertha are claimed to be the most compact M12 solution in the industry. Cable length is 24.5mm behind cabinet or housing wall (with a complete length of 41mm) for space-saving bulkheads in control cabinets or housings.

The M12-Mini bulkhead cable connectors are suitable for particularly high requirements in rail technology and industrial and factory automation such as presses for forming technology or stamping technology, says Provertha. They provide certified shock and vibration protection according to DIN EN 61373, Cat. 2 and Cat 1 class B, and feature the 500h corrosion protection, proven by successfully passing the salt spray test according to EN 60512-11-6. They are available for the interfaces High-Speed 10 Gbit Ethernet with X-coding and for Ethernet with D coding as well as for Profibus with B coding and for CAN / DeviceNet interfaces with A-5 coding as female or male versions.

The connectors offers a large cable clamping range of 4.0 to 9.0mm. The full metal housing ensures effective shielding with high EMC, says the company but at the same time, there is a solid, fully shielded strain relief.

The assembly on the control cabinet door or the housing wall is non-rotatable and delivers aligned coding through lateral flattened areas on the housing. The fastening thread is M16x1.5 and the locking is carried out with the counter nut.

For assembly, the single wires (wire cross-section AWG 18 – 28) are connected using turned crimp snap-in contacts. The turned crimp contacts have a higher current rating than the standard specification of 4.0A (2.0A for A-8) and the contact resistance of less than 5mOhm. The degree of protection is IP67 (screw-locked).

The M12-Mini can be used at temperatures ranging from -40 to + 85 degrees C and enables more than 250 mating cycles.

Provertha M12 connectors are characterised by 360 degree shielded solutions like crimp flange/crimp sleeve cable termination and compact external dimensions. The M12 connectors are available in different codings, such as M12 A-Code, B-Code, D-Code and X-Code. The circular connectors ensure reliable signal transmission even in extremely harsh industrial environments such as in railway or aerospace engineering, says Provertha. The company also offers a range of accessories, including M12 system cable assemblies.


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