MagnaChip adds planar Hall-effect sensors for IoT and automotive use

Hall-effect sensors available from MagnaChip now include a planar type sensor which measures just 50 x 50 micron².

Hall-effect sensors are used in smartphone cameras for the closed-loop auto focus feature and for the auto iris function. MagnaChip offers Hall switches and electrical compasses using the planar-type Hall-effect sensor. The Hall-effect sensor is suitable for high sensitivity and low-corner frequency.

Initial products are characterised by Hall resistance of 2.4K Ohms, sensitivity of 44.5mV/VT and a corner frequency of 500Hz. It is recognised for its robustness and stability against noise.

MagnaChip’s Hall-effect sensor can be integrated into a customer’s design simply by adding just one mask to various processes that the foundry already offers. In addition, the integration of the Hall-effect sensors can be made without making any changes in electrical characteristics and it is offered regardless of the technology node, ranging from 0.13 to 0.35 micron. The process design kit (PDK) provides P-cell and Verilog-A model, with availability to a temperature of up to 150 degree C to ensure suitability for use in applications as diverse as the IoT and automotive projects.

MagnaChip is developing a vertical Hall-effect sensor with the direction of the magnetic field being parallel to the silicon surface, which enables three-dimensional Hall sensing capabilities. A vertical Hall-effect sensor can also be used in a range of applications, including proximity switching, positioning, speed detection and current sensing applications.

MagnaChip designs and manufactures analogue and mixed-signal semiconductor devices for use in the communications, IoT, consumer, industrial and automotive markets. The company’s standard products group and foundry services group provide a range of standard products and manufacturing services to customers around the world. Operating for over 30 years, MagnaChip owns a portfolio of approximately 3,200 registered patents and pending applications, complementing its engineering, design and manufacturing process expertise.

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