MAX77654 PMIC halves size of long-life wearables

Single inductor, multiple output (SIMO) technology is used in the MAX77654 power management IC (PMIC) to reduce the size and extend the battery life of wearable devices and hearables.

The PMIC replaces traditional power management architectures, reducing bill of materials by up to 40 per cent for compact consumer devices, says Maxim Integrated.

The MAX77654 delivers three outputs with just one inductor at 91 per cent efficiency, which is 16 per cent greater than traditional four-chip systems. The reduced size allows system designers to integrate more functionality into consumer devices, compared with traditional power solutions.

Designers must also consider extending battery life (or shrinking battery volume) as well as reducing heat dissipation and noise. The MAX77654 SIMO PMIC addresses replaces three buck-boost converters and three inductors with a single converter and a single inductor. It also replaces two LDOs/load-switches, a battery charger and additional passives, resulting in a 50 per cent smaller solution.

The MAX77654 also improves end-user experience with 20 per cent longer battery life by delivering 91 per cent efficiency, says Maxim. Shutdown current is less than 500nA and supply current is just 6.0 microA with five regulators operating, allowing designers to add more functions to low power consumer devices. The MAX77654 yields lower heat dissipation and reduces system board temperature by more than 20 degrees C compared with an alternative single inductor system power device, continues Maxim. It also provides output voltage ripple performance of less than 20mVp-p for noise sensitive rails.

The scalable SIMO PMIC is small but efficient, said Karthi Gopalan, director, Mobile Solutions Business Unit at Maxim Integrated: “The MAX77654 SIMO PMIC frees up board real estate to pack value-add modules such as voice commands, payment, GPS receivers, biometrics, gesture control, 3-D recognition and camera,” she said.

The MAX77654 is available now, and Maxim has also developed the MAX77654EVKIT# evaluation kit.

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