Maxim claims automotive-grade secure authenticator is industry’s first

Designers can enhance safety, security and data integrity for connected vehicle systems and reduce complexity and code development time when using the DS28C40 DeepCover automotive secure authenticator from Maxim Integrated.

Believed to be the industry’s first AEC-Q100 Grade 1 solution for automotive systems, the authenticator IC reduces the design complexity and software vulnerability of current approaches, says Maxim, to ensure only genuine components are used for many electronic systems, such as advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and electric vehicle (EV) batteries.

Automotive manufacturers use authentication to ensure only OEM-certified components are safely connected to vehicle systems, as well as reduce the growing threat of malware attacks. Conventional secure microcontrollers can have a relatively big footprint and require software development teams to create, rigorously test and debug code. The bigger the code base is, the higher the risk of bugs or malware adversely affecting performance.

The DS28C40 DeepCover authenticator is believed to be the only authenticator that meets the AEC-Q100 standard with Grade 1 performance. It replaces microcontroller-based approaches and reduces both system design complexity and associated code development efforts. The authenticator deters theft of high-value components such as front-light modules. It also offers public/private key asymmetric ECDSA (ECC-P256 curve) and other key authentication algorithms built into the IC, allowing OEMs to skip development of proprietary device-level code. This and other algorithms in the authenticator IC protect against unauthorised components that could compromise performance, safety and data integrity. The DS28C40 comes in a compact, 4.0 x 3.0mm TDFN package and operates over the -40 to +125 degree C temperature range.

Built-in symmetric key secure hash algorithm (SHA-256) supports secure storage of ECDSA and SHA-256 keys, and the one-time programmable non-volatile memory for storage of digital certificates and manufacturing data and hardware-based security are stronger than software, says Maxim.

The DS28C40 is available now and the company also offers the DS28C40EVKIT# evaluation kit.

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