Maxim enhances fault detection and range for analogue transceivers

Claimed to have the highest uptime for industrial networks, the MAX33012E controller area network (CAN) bus transceiver and the MAX33072E RS-485 half-duplex transceiver have been launched by Maxim Integrated.

The MAX33012E CAN bus transceiver is claimed to have the industry’s most advanced fault detection and reporting. The MAX33072E can connect the broadest range of disparate nodes, continues Maxim, increasing reliability by enabling the connection of nodes with large ground differences.

Reliable connectivity is essential to optimising operation and improving system uptime in manufacturing for critical industrial applications, such as asset management systems and communication fieldbus modules, says Maxim.

The MAX33012E has over-voltage, over-current and transmission error faults in CAN which will shut down production and idle expensive machinery. To overcome this challenge, the MAX33012E features fault detection on data lines CANH and CANL for over-voltage, over-current and transmission failure, as well as fault code reporting. The MAX33012E’s detection and reporting enable the fastest troubleshooting of these faults so vital links can be immediately re-established, Maxim says.

The MAX33012E provides ±45kV of electrostatic discharge (ESD) fault protection, which is 1.8x higher than the closest competitor, says Maxim, to make network data transmissions more resistant to ESD.

The MAX33072E is intended for industrial and manufacturing systems which require high common mode voltage tolerance to communicate between disparate systems. The common mode range (CMR) of the MAX33072E is 1.6x greater than that of the closest competitor (receiver only), claims Maxim. It connects the broadest range of disparate nodes, continues the company to expand the communication network size to allow more machines to operate across larger areas, with simple and reliable links. The MAX33072E CMR of ±40V enables industrial systems to connect and communicate in environments of greater electrical noise, up to where a difference of either -40V or +40V between two nodes is present.

Maxim has also introduced the free Essential Analog mobile app for smartphones, making it fast and easy to research analogue ICs, order parts and get product news. It is available from Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store.

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