Maxim matrix manager offers migration to higher current devices

Designers of high-performance automotive matrix lighting and adaptive driving beam LED applications can now migrate to higher current devices while reducing solution size and improving flexibility with the MAX20092 12-switch matrix manager from Maxim Integrated Products.

The IC minimises thermal issues associated with LED matrix lighting applications by offering a lowest internal switch resistance, which Maxim says is 65 per cent lower than the closest competitive solution.

The MAX20092 provides flexible current management for matrix and pixel lighting. Twelve integrated switches control LEDs in string voltages up to 56V, which helps save design time and reduce complexity, says Maxim. Its integrated MOSFET on resistance of 70-mOhm drives LED currents up to 1.5A.

The matrix manager comes in a small 5mm x 5mm TQFN package.

In addition, Maxim has introduced MAX20096 and MAX20097 dual-channel, synchronous buck high-brightness LED controllers to work with the MAX20092, helping designers improve transient response times in LED lighting.

The MAX20096 and MAX20097 deliver ultra-fast transient response with near-fixed frequency with Maxim’s proprietary average current mode control scheme, minimising EMI and enabling a reliable, high-performing design.

“Although matrix LED headlights enhance safety, they were once exclusively for the premium auto sector, owing to their complexity and high cost,” said Kevin Mak, senior analyst for the Automotive Practice of Strategy Analytics. “Technology developments that enhance LED efficiency and performance will drive their greater adoption into automotive platforms. Maxim’s MAX20092 is one of the solutions that aligns with greater adoption trends for LED lighting in automotive applications.”

“Maxim designed the MAX20092 to help developers who want to use more LEDs in their designs and reduce the BOM cost and solution space,” said Yin Wu, business manager for the automotive business unit at Maxim Integrated. “The safety and OEM branding value that LEDs present are compelling, and we enable their adoption in greater numbers through higher flexibility and reliability.”

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