Medical power supplies are configurable to reduce time-to-market

Configurable power supplies for medical applications have been announced by Cosel Europe. The AME series consists of four models, the AME400F, AME600F, AME800F and the AME1200F. They cover applications from 400 to 1,200W.

Each version can host independent output modules that can be combined and mixed to offer a configuration as required by the application. To optimise configuration there are two versions of the output modules, 120 and 240W. Both modules are available in four output voltages, +5, +12, +24 and +48V.

The AME series is designed for demanding medical applications and feature I/O isolation which complies with 2 means of patient protection (MOPP) requirements.

Each module performs as a standalone power unit. Control and monitoring functions can be accessed via a single connector. The 240W module includes on/off remote control, alarm signals, voltage sensing, output voltage and current control. Output voltage can be adjusted by using the built-in potentiometer or an external voltage. When using external voltage control, the output voltage can be trimmed down to almost zero volts, reports Cosel. By using the current trimming function (ITRM) the module can operate as a constant current source. Combining voltage and current control (VTRM and ITRM) enables the power supply to work as a constant voltage/ constant current (CVCC) generator.

The AME series has a built-in peak current capability suitable for medical applications such as laser or pulse generator duties. Higher voltages can be achieved by connecting modules in series, and they can be connected in parallel for greater total power.

Designed for less demanding control applications, the 120W interface is limited to remote on/off and alarm. All modules include over-voltage and over-current protection with automatic recovery.

Power output connectors are screw terminals, though certain applications may require isolated terminations or quick connect types. (For these, a Molex connector is provided instead of the terminal block.)

The master host unit includes noise filter, inrush current limiter, primary protection and an auxiliary output of 5V/1A, with 12V optional. A main alarm and a global inhibit is also included in the master host unit making it possible to monitor the complete power supply. There is also a force cooled, blow-in Smart-Fan which automatically adjusts its speed to provide the required airflow while reducing noise and conserving power.

The AME400F and AME600F support four output slots, and the AME800F and AME1200F six slots.

The AME400F and AME600F measure 89 X 41 X 257mm (3.50 X 1.61 X 10.12 inches) and the AME800F and AME1200F 127 X 41 X 257mm (5.00X1.61 X10.12 inches).

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