Merchant SD Express controller supports SD 8.0 Specification

Described as the flagship in Silicon Motion Technology’s portfolio, the SM2708 SD Express controller now supports the latest SD 8.0 specification and is backwards compatible to the SD 7.1 specification. The controller has two PCIe Gen interfaces and NVMe 1.3, making it suitable for applications with demanding performance levels enabled by high-performance SD Express cards, particularly multi-channel, IoT vision systems in automotive and other storage systems.

The SM2708 controller supports the latest 3D NAND and features Silicon Motion’s proprietary NANDXtend error code correction (ECC) technology, internal data path protection, and programmable firmware to maximise reliability and endurance, says the company.

“Many of the latest high-end cameras and mobile phones are capable of recording video in 8K and require a faster transfer rate,” said Nelson Duann, Silicon Motion’s senior vice president of marketing and R&D. “The SD 8.0 specification . . . nearly triples throughput, applications such as 8K video capture, RAW [i.e. minimal process, uncompressed files] photography, multi-channel IoT devices, multi-processing automotive storage and other applications requiring ultra-high data speeds are possible,” said Duann.

SD cards are already widely used by consumer electronics devices and the adoption of SD Express cards is expected to be seamless experience while offering higher speed and capacity, says the company.

As user-generated high definition (HD) content increases, high performance, high capacity, removable storage will be demanded by consumers.

“The SM2708 with its PCIe Gen 3 x2 interface will offer consumers a new storage option for portable devices that is essentially similar to a mini SSD,” commented Ibsen Chen, product marketing director at ADATA, the Taiwanese memory and storage manufacturer.

The SM2708 design kit includes PCIe Gen3 x2 lanes, NVMe 1.3 compliance and support for two flash channels with 8CE, the latest 3D NAND and ONFI 4.1/3.0, Toggle 3.0/2.0, Frequencies up to 1,200 Mtransaction per second.

The NANDXtend ECC technology achieves a high-performance LDPC ECC engine with RAID and power consumption is less than 1.5mW.

Silicon Motion supplies NAND flash controllers for solid-state storage devices, for servers, PCs and other client devices and eMMC/UFS mobile embedded storage used in smartphones and IoT applications. The company also supplies customised hyperscale data centre and specialised industrial and automotive SSD solutions.

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