Metrology-grade coaxial components join Anritsu range

Anritsu has released a family of W1 metrology-grade coaxial components, designed to deliver precision performance and repeatability for high-frequency measurements.

Consisting of a W1 connectorised power splitter, power divider, directional coupler and attenuators, the new family of components is designed to reduce measurement complexity and measurement setup time while offering improved accuracy.

Unlike other solutions that are based on banded waveguide frequencies that require a waveguide interface, the W1 components are not band limited and support a frequency range from DC to 110 GHz. The wide frequency coverage eliminates the need to de-embed adapters between native coaxial interface types. One consequence is the removal of the need to calibrate between coax and waveguide. As a result, setup time and measurement complexity are greatly reduced, according to Anritsu.

The new W1 components include a three-resistor power divider, two-resistor power splitter and a set of attenuators that provide coverage from DC to 110GHz. There is also a directional coupler that covers the range 20GHz to 110GHz, with typical performance down to 110MHz.

Because the components are designed with W1 connectors, compatible with 1.0mm coaxial connector front-side interfaces as specified by IEEE 287, they are suitable for high-frequency instrumentation applications. They provide broadband scalability and mode-free performance to 110GHz with high measurement accuracy for better device-under-test (DUT) characterisation. They are designed to perform with excellent VSWR and low insertion loss.

Applications that suit the W1 components in high-frequency design include on-wafer characterisation and measurements, characterisation of amplifiers and sub components in automotive radar and they can be used for instrument calibration and characterisation in metrology labs.

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