Microchip grows its GaN RF power portfolio

Microchip Technology has expanded its gallium nitride (GaN) radio frequency (RF) power device portfolio with new monolithic microwave integrated circuits and discrete transistors that cover frequencies up to 20 GHz. The devices combine high power-added efficiency and high linearity for applications ranging from 5G to electronic warfare, satellite communications, commercial and defence radar systems and test equipment.

The devices are made using GaN-on-silicon carbide technology that Microchip says provides “the best combination of high-power density and yield”, as well as high-voltage operation and longevity of more than 1 million hours at a 255 degrees C junction temperature. 

The line-up includes GaN MMICs covering 2 to 18 GHz, 12 to 20 GHz, and 12 to 20 GHz with 3dB compression point (P3dB) RF output power up to 20W and efficiency up to 25 per cent, as well as bare die and packaged GaN MMIC amplifiers for S- and X-band with up to 60 per cent PAE, and discrete high electron mobility transistor devices covering DC to 14 GHz with P3dB RF output power up to 100W and maximum efficiency of 70 per cent. 

“Microchip continues to invest in our family of GaN RF products to support every application at all frequencies from microwave through millimetre wavelengths, and our product portfolio includes more than 50 devices, from low-power levels to 2.2 kW,” said Leon Gross, vice-president of Microchip’s discrete products business unit. “Together the products announced span 2 to 20 GHz and are designed to meet the linearity and efficiency challenges posed by the higher-order modulation techniques employed in 5G and other wireless networks, as well as the unique needs of satellite communications and defence applications.”

Microchip’s portfolio of RF semiconductors in addition to GaN devices ranges from gallium arsenide RF amplifiers and modules to low-noise amplifiers, front-end modules, varactor, Schottky, and PIN diodes, RF switches and voltage variable attenuators. 

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