Microcontroller is optimised for automotive radar applications

Designed to address automotive 77GHz radar applications such as corner radar systems for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and automated driving, the TC3A has been added to Infineon Technologies’ Aurix family.

The TC3A includes a new signal processing unit, a large SRAM dedicated to radar and four TriCore processors running at 300MHz with two additional lockstep cores.

The TC3A’s signal processing unit, the SPU 2.0, is an evolution of Infineon’s accelerator for radar processing with reduced latencies for fast fourier transform (FFT) processing, extended capability for interference mitigation and different modulation schemes to improve radar resolution at lower cost, explains Infineon.

ADAS will mean that more cars will be equipped with more radar units to perceive their surroundings.

The microcontroller joins the TC39, TC35 and TC33 Aurix devices for long-, mid- and short-range radar application. The TC3A is based on the TriCore architecture and has four cores, two lockstep ones running at 300MHz. The SPU 2.0 has extended features for real-time interference mitigation and lower resources consumption while 6Mbyte of embedded SRAM stores data during processing.

The high-speed radar (monolithic microwave integrated circuit (MMIC) interface has up to 600Mbits per second.

For security the microcontroller is hardware security module (HSM) -compliant with EVITA full specification.

Samples will be available to selected customers in 2022.


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