Mini IPMs integrate power components to shrink drive size

The IM523 series of the CIPOS Mini family has been announced by Infineon. The efficient IPMs (intelligent power modules) are based on 600V Reverse Conducting Drive 2 (RCD2) IGBT technology and come with an open emitter.

The CIPOS IM523 series enables the integration of various power and control components to increase reliability as well as optimising PCB size and system cost, continued the company. 

The IPMs are designed to control three-phase motors in low- and medium-power variable-speed drives for home appliances, HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), as well as for industrial fans and drives up to 1.4kW.

The RCD2 IGBTs are combined with a silicon-on-insulator (SOI) gate driver to enable lower power dissipation of the system. The three-phase inverter configurations with open emitters are integrated in a DIP 36 x 21 package which has been adapted to power applications which need good thermal conduction and electrical isolation. According to Infineon, the series exhibits best-in-class switching loss and is energy-efficient especially in applications with high switching frequency.

The devices are available in different current ratings from 6.0 to 17A, with a breakdown voltage of 600V. A built-in, UL-certified NTC thermistor for temperature monitoring, under-voltage lock-out (UVLO) at all channels, and over-current protection (OCP) are features for system reliability. There is also package and mould compound for humidity robustness. Additionally, the IPMs integrate a bootstrap circuit to simplify the PCB layout. The industry-standard package is designed to make easy and fast design conversion of existing Mini IPMs (P2P) possible without PCB redesign.

The CIPOS Mini IM523 series is in volume production and available for order now.

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