Miniature PCB connectors are robust

Now available with pre-leading contacts, the har-flex series of miniaturised PCB connectors offer sequential switching that can protect sensitive electronics from damage during operational plugging and unplugging.

According to Harting, the robust 1.27mm pitch har-flex surface mount connectors are seeing increasing use in modular electronic systems. End-users can often enhance their systems in the field by adding additional function modules or replacing existing modules. The har-flex connectors guarantee a secure electrical connection between the main module board and smaller boards, adds Harting.

If a user neglects to switch off the system and then plugs it in under-load, sensitive electronics can be damaged. To avoid this, HARTING can now supply all angled har-flex male connectors in two different contact lengths, allowing the production of connector types with pre-leading contacts.

These contacts are 0.3mm longer in the mating face and ensure that grounding contacts are the first to make contact during insertion and the last to disconnect during unplugging.

The flexible contact loading ensures that the angled male connectors can also be configured as variants with lagging contacts. At unplugging, these contacts lose electrical contact before the others, so that a system with the appropriate logic can detect imminent contact disconnection and execute certain functions, such as data backup to ensure uninterrupted operation.

Harting offers the angled male connectors with pin counts of six to 100 on request, in custom contact configurations. Harting can used these variants to integrate even more intelligence at the field level and for Industry 4.0 operations.

The Harting Group develops, manufactures and distributes electrical and electronic connectors, network components, pre-assembled system cables, and backplane assemblies. Products in the company’s portfolio are capable of withstanding the harshest demands in industrial environments and provide high data rates for electronic applications.

Harting connectors and network components are used in mechanical engineering and plant manufacturing, in automation systems, energy generation and distribution, and in electronic and telecommunication markets. Industrial connectors are also vital in construction machinery, rail vehicles and shipbuilding. Harting offers Ethernet network components and cable systems for both indoor and outdoor networking applications involving power and data.

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