Miniature three-channel optical encoder runs smooth for robotics

Elesta’s forcibly guided safety SIS Series PCB relays are available from Willow Technologies. The miniature, three-channel optical encoder measures 7.0 x 13mm and is supplied in an aluminium housing.

John Merrill, relays product manager at Willow, commented: “This optical encoder is one of the smallest on the market, it has been fitted with two precision ball bearings guaranteeing smooth running and a long service life at speeds of up to 80,000 rpm. Even at these high speeds, a very exact signal quality and accuracy is achieved,” he added.

Inside the miniature housing is the patented Elesta encoder system, the E OI R, an integrated system operating on the basis of a new optical focusing incidental light method.

Within the integrated system are multiple reflective parabolic-shaped concave mirrors, forming the code segments of the code wheel. The mirrors are designed to reflect only a clear and steep concentration of light from the transmitter LED, ensuring exact signal quality and accuracy across the entire speed range, explains Willow. The encoder delivers 128 pulses at any rotation speed, to two outputs that are phase shifted by 90 degrees. The third channel provides one index pulse per revolution.

The encoder is designed to operate with 4.0mA current at 5.0V, making it suitable for battery-powered applications; typical applications are dental drills and general robotics.

The E OI R007 housing is mounted using grub screws, securely braced against rotation. Coupling of the encoder with commercial clutch elements for connection to motors or gearboxes is straightforward, reassures Willow, as the adaptation of potentiometer knobs with clamps or a fixing screw. The chamfered output shaft has a diameter of 2.0mm and is flattened on two sides.

The optical encoder is also available as a modular system in kit form, giving customers the option to integrate the sensor and code wheel kit in an existing housing, motor or system.

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