MLCCs are safety-certified for AEC-Q200 and transient protection

Safety-certified surface mount multi-layer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs) from Knowles Precision Devices, meets the demands of AEC-Q200 standards, modems and AC/DC power supplies where a lightning strike or other voltage transients represent a threat to electronic equipment.

“Our enhanced safety-certified surface mount MLCC product line is tested to meet international safety standards, enabling us to better accommodate the needs of our customers,” said Steve Hopwood, senior applications engineer, Knowles Precision Devices. The Class-X and Class-Y MLCCs have been designed to help minimise EMI and RFI, he added.

The safety-certified MLCCs comply with international UL and IEC/EN specifications, with certification by UL (inc. cUL) and TUV. They are also suitable for pick-and-place assembly, with benefits including a reduction in required board space and a lower profile, said Knowles.

The capacitors have a high capacitance range of 4.7pF to 56nF, voltage ratings up to 305Vrms and meet class Y2/X1, X1 and X2 requirements.

There are four families and all sizes are available with the option of FlexiCap termination. FlexiCap is the company’s proprietary flexible epoxy polymer termination material. It accommodates a greater degree of board bending than conventional capacitors to reduce the risk of mechanical cracking.

The MLCCs have high dielectric withstand voltages (DWV) of 4kVdc and 3kVrms, making these parts particularly suitable for electric vehicle (EV) applications, especially 800V battery systems where an increased test voltage and safety margin is essential. The entire range is available with AEC-Q200 qualification for automotive use.

Knowles Precision Devices has a heritage of designing high-reliability capacitors for demanding applications. The company is an innovator and manufacturer of high-performance specialty components, capacitors and microwave products for use in critical applications in 5G, military, medical and electric vehicle market segments.

Knowles Precision Devices is a division of Knowles. Headquartered in Cazenovia, New York, USA, the company’s brands include Dielectric Laboratories, Compex, Johanson Manufacturing, Novacap, Syfer and Voltronics.

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