Mobile-security SoC from STM combines NFC controller, secure element and eSIM

STMicroelectronics has unveiled its integrated mobile-security solution, the ST54J, a system-on-chip containing a near-field communication (NFC) controller, secure element, and eSIM.

The SoC is claimed by the company to deliver performance-boosting integration for mobile and IoT devices. The added benefit of ST’s software-partner ecosystem is said to help promote smoother user experiences in mobile payments and e-ticketing transactions, as well as more convenient, remote, mobile provisioning to support multiple operator subscriptions.

“As mobile devices require more security and connectivity in an ever-shrinking PCB footprint, the ST54J will help designers simplify assembly and reduce bill-of-material costs,” said Laurent Degauque, marketing director, secure microcontroller division, STMicroelectronics.

“ST’s established ecosystem of third-party software partners provides access to eSIM and eSE solutions that are EMVCo and GSMA-SAS certifiable and tested for interoperability and validated with numerous mobile network operators, custom profiles and application providers worldwide,” she said.

Spearheading the fourth generation of ST’s embedded secure element family, the single-chip ST54J is said to ensure faster contactless interaction than a discrete chipset by eliminating performance-limiting off-chip data exchanges between the secure element and NFC controller.

In addition, a faster, state-of-the-art core for each function further accelerates contactless transactions with mobile terminals and enhances roaming by supporting secure-element cryptographic protocols used worldwide, including FeliCa and MIFARE.

Packaging and design flexibility comes saving space by integrating three key functions onto one chip.

In addition, ST used its NFC booster technology to enhance the performance of the NFC controller, allowing it to establish robust contactless connections with a small-size antenna. This, in turn, allows designers even more generous freedom to manage space inside the device and minimise the thickness of new smartphone generations, says the company.

ST delivers the ST54J to customers with NFC firmware and the GlobalPlatform V2.3 secure element operating system, which provides best-in-class cryptographic performance and optimum eSIM interoperability.

The OS also allows flexible configurations to support eSE-only or combined functionality.

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