Modular EV/HEV battery test system lowers operating cost and size

Designed for rechargeable electro mobility battery packs, Intepro Systems’ Procyon battery test system is a benchtop/rack mount system for engineering design and production testing of high-performance electro mobility battery packs.

The Procyon battery test system uses Intepro’s bi-directional charge/discharge regenerative power stage that returns over 93 per cent of the power back to the AC mains, lowering operating costs, reducing system size and eliminating/reducing external cooling requirements, says the company.

The system uses the PowerStar Test Sequencer software for test set-up and operation. PowerStar offers Programming without Coding, which allows users to define the charge and drive profiles unique to a vehicles or to a particular standard. Internal resistance measurements and cell balancing can be performed as required, adds Intepro.

The design is space-saving, offering a scalable solution for battery packs from five to 480kW, with voltages from 40 to 1,500V and discharge currents up to 8,000A. The modular, building block approach allows the system to be expanded, upgraded or repurposed for new vehicles, batteries and changing test standards, adds Intepro. Standard battery tests include battery balance, battery charge/discharge, battery parametics, drive simulation and internal resistance.

As well as reducing energy costs, the company claims that recovering energy using the system’s regenerative stage also eliminates the installation and operational costs for air- or water-cooled loads to dissipate the energy.

Intepro Systems’ instrumentation and systems test and validate power supply systems and components used in aerospace, military, telecommunications, and other power electronics applications. The company has direct sales offices in the UK, Ireland, China and the USA, and distributors covering the rest of the world.

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