Modular switching simulates fault conditions in automotive and avionics test

Designed to simulate fault conditions in automotive and avionics test applications, 2A PXI fault insertion switches (model 40-202) have been released by Pickering Interfaces. The additions to the modular signal switching and simulation for electronic test and verification are available with 22 or 11 fault insertion channels.

They were primarily designed to simulate fault conditions in automotive and avionics test applications involving the reliability testing of safety-critical controllers. They are specifically designed for differential signalling requirements, with capabilities to insert three different types of fault condition between the test fixture and the equipment under test; open-circuit, short-circuit between signal pairs and short-circuit to user applied fault conditions such as power or ground.

The new models complement Pickering’s PXI fault insertion switches, which are typically used in hardware-in-the-loop simulation applications for electronic control unit (ECU) validation.

Relays in-line with the signal paths allow open circuit conditions to be simulated on either side or both sides of a signal pair. Relays between each channel pair enable adjacent signals to be shorted, and relays between signal paths and the “fault” connection allow the application of external fault conditions.

The switching topology of the 40-202 fault insertion switches allows switching channels to be interconnected so that complex fault insertion channels can be constructed, explains Pickering.

The switches are supported by Pickering’s eBIRST Switching System Test Tools, which provide a quick and easy way of finding relay failures within the modules. Pickering’s signal routing software, Switch Path Manager, may be used to simplify signal routing through complex switching systems.

Pickering Interfaces provides a standard three-year warranty on all products and guaranteed long-term product support.

Pickering Interfaces designs and manufactures modular signal switching and simulation for use in electronic test and verification. It claims to offer the largest range of switching and simulation products in the industry for PXI, LXI, and PCI applications. To support these products, the company also provides cable and connector solutions, diagnostic test tools, along with application software and software drivers created by an in-house software team.

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