Mouser stocks Analog Devices GaAs ADMV10x converters

Mouser Electronics is now stocking the ADMV10x converters from Analog Devices. Part of ADI’s series of RF up/down converters, these monolithic microwave integrated circuits (MMICs) are manufactured using gallium arsenide (GaAs), and offer designers a high performance and high-quality product in a small, convenient package. They are designed for a variety of audio and video data transmission applications.

The Analog Devices ADMV10x converters use an I/Q mixer topology to reduce the need for unwanted sideband filtering. The series consists of the ADMV1009, the ADMV1010, the ADMV1011 and the ADMV1012. The ADMV1009 is a single sideband (SSB) I/Q up converter optimised for point-to-point microwave radio designs that operate in the 12.7 to 15.4GHz frequency range. The device provides 21dB of conversion gain with 20dB of image rejection, and its up conversion requires only a 180 degree balun to select the required sideband.

The comparable SSB I/Q downconverter for the ADMV1009 is the ADMV1010, which is optimised for the 12.6 to 15.4GHz frequency range. The ADMV1010 provides 15dB of conversion gain with 25dB of image rejection, and its down conversion requires a 90 degree hybrid to select the required sideband. Both the ADMV1009 and ADMV1010 serve as a much smaller alternative to hybrid-style SSB up converter and down converter assemblies, respectively.

The ADMV1011 up converter features the same conversion gain and image rejection as the ADMV1009 but outputs across a higher frequency range of 17 to 24GHz. The ADMV1011 is also fully integrated, needing a only 90 degree hybrid to select the required sideband.

The down converter counterpart to the ADMV1011 is the ADMV1012, which operates in the 17.5 to 24GHz input frequency range and provides 15dB of conversion gain, 25dB of image rejection, and a 2.5dB noise figure. Both the ADMV1011 and ADMV1012 function as a much smaller alternative to hybrid style DSB assemblies. Each eliminates the need for wire bonding by allowing the use of surface-mount manufacturing assemblies.

Analog Devices’ series of ADMV10x converters are available from Mouser Electronics in a compact, thermally enhanced 4.9 x 4.9mm LCC package. The devices are suited to RF applications such as satellite communications, radar, electronic warfare systems, and point-to-point radios.

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