MSP430 microcontrollers offer configurable signal-chain elements for sensing applications

Microcontrollers (MCUs) with integrated signal-chain elements and an extended operating temperature range have been added to Texas Instruments’ (TI) MSP430 value line portfolio.

New MSP430FR2355 ferroelectric random access memory MCUs allow developers to reduce printed circuit board size and bill-of-materials cost while meeting temperature requirements for sensing and measurement in applications such as smoke detectors, sensor transmitters and circuit breakers.

These MCUs offer signal-chain configurability – for example engineers can have more flexibility in their system design with MSP430FR2355 MCUs, which integrate smart analogue combos. They have configurable signal-chain elements that include options for multiple 12-bit digital-to-analogue converters and programmable gain amplifiers, along with a 12-bit analogue-to-digital converter and two enhanced comparators.

An extended temperature range means developers can use MSP430FR2355 MCUs for applications that require operation at temperatures up to 105 degrees C while also benefiting from FRAM data-logging capabilities.

TI says that engineers gain more options to select the right memory and processing speed for cost-sensitive applications with the MSP430FR2355 MCUs, which add options to the MSP430 value line FRAM MCU family by offering memory up to 32KB and central processing unit speeds up to 24 MHz. Designers can also scale to the rest of the MSP430 FRAM MCU portfolio for applications that require up to 256KB of memory, higher performance or more analogue peripherals.

Developers can start evaluating with the MSP430FR2355 MCU LaunchPad development kit, which is available for US$12.99 from the TI store where in addition engineers can buy samples of MCUs.

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