Multi-dimensional sensors are for safety-critical automotive use

The Micronas dual-die Hall-effect sensor portfolio from TDK has been expanded with the HAR 379x sensors for multi-dimensional magnetic field measurements in safety-critical automotive applications according to ISO 26262 rules, and in industrial applications. The sensors have a digital output, PWM output, and support the SENT protocol according to the latest generation of SAEJ2716 (revision 4).

HAR 379x is the dual-die surface mount package version of the HAC 37xy family using the proprietary Micronas 3D HAL technology for detecting angles in a range between 0 and 360 degrees (end-of-shaft and through-shaft set-up) as well as linear movement or position.

The HAR 379x sensors’ versatile programming characteristics and high accuracy make them suitable for gear selector applications, providing magnetic field amplitude in combination with angle information. Both parameters are available via the fast channel of the SENT interface.

Additionally, the magnetic field amplitude information enables the required push-functionality, explains TDK. The sensor fits perfectly into applications where linear movements have to be measured, eg in dual-clutch transmission applications, for clutch pedal position detection, as engine stroke sensor, for transmission position measurement, or for cylinder and valve position sensing.

Each HAR 379x sensor contains two dies operating independently. The dies are placed upon each other in such a way that they are still mechanically separated and electrically insulated from one another. Both sensitive elements are very close to each other thanks to the selected advanced assembly technology. The two Hall elements measure almost the same magnetic field, therefore ensuring synchronous output signals. Redundant sensor solutions in a single package reduce system costs while at the same time increase the reliability of the system due to smaller PCBs and less solder joints, adds TDK.

The HAR 379x is available in a very small eight-pin SOIC8 package.

Samples will be available from July 2018. Production is planned for the first quarter of 2019.

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