Multi-port comb laser source improves computing for AI applications

At OFC 2023 (05 to 09 March), Scintil Photonics will demonstrate what it claims to be the first single chip 100GHz DFB comb laser source for high performance computing and AI applications.

The single-chip, multi-port 100GHz DFB (distributed feedback) comb laser source achieves 100GHz frequency spacing, which is half to a quarter of the spacing available today. A key advantages is its very narrow controlled channel spacing. This is an important capability for increasing the number of optical carriers in a single fibre, said Scintil Photonics.

“Increasing computing capacity requires connecting larger networks of computing units with higher transmission rates” said Sylvie Menezo, CEO of Scintil Photonics. In order to achieve this with sustainable energy efficiency, fibre optic transmission links are used with multiple optical carriers multiplexed on a single fibre. The company has implemented a comb laser source with only 100GHz spacing between each optical carrier, confirmed Menezo. “This offers at least twice the number of optical carriers compared to what appears to be available today, and therefore enables doubling the transmission speed. Leading customers are currently evaluating our solution,” she added.

The increasing demand for high-performance computing and AI applications has led to the need for faster and more efficient optical interconnects. The Scintil 100GHz comb laser source enables the use of uncooled dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) links in short reach transmissions, with optical carriers twice as dense (100GHz versus 200GHz spacing).

The DFB comb laser source is designed to fuel optics co-packaged with host ASICs. It features multiple optical carriers spaced by 100GHz and all combined and available on either one or multiple output ports. There are configurations that can offer transmissions of 16 optical carriers x 64Gbits per second per fibre, which are suitable to support next generation optical compute interconnect links. The easy locking capabilities provide control and performance.

Demonstrators are already available and product prototypes will be ready by the end of Q4, 2023. “Thanks to our CMOS commercial foundry, we anticipate ramping up volume by Q4, 2024,” Menezo confirmed.

Scintil will run demonstrations of its DFB comb laser source with 100GHz spacing at OFC 2023 in San Diego, California, booth 3351.

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