Murata partners with VitaNet for automated IoT pairing

Automatic identification and authentication of Bluetooth Low Energy, IoT devices is now possible, says Murata, following its collaboration with VitaNet Suite.

Murata’s MBN52832 embedded Bluetooth module is compatible with VitaNet Suite, the secure IoT platform from Californian company, VitaNet.

The addition of VitaNet’s middleware into the MBN52832 will give Bluetooth Low Energy IoT device manufacturers easy access to the conversion of industrial components into secure IoT devices. This will enable functionality such as remote status monitoring and automated data collection. Cloud-based, remote and secure control of industrial equipment has been highlighted by the Covid-19 pandemic, as the industry seeks to reduce manual intervention to reduce the risk of spread of infection.

The MBN52832-VitaNet is based on the attachment of a QR code which contains device information on pumps, motors, and other industrial components. This eliminates the need for the LCD panel or operation buttons conventionally required for Bluetooth operation. A VitaNet authentication key request is required once, at the system initialisation stage and cached VitaNet authentication key information is used during subsequent operation. According to Murata, this is the first time that security and pairing have been automated and integrated with AES-128 packet encryption supported by the Bluetooth standard.

Incorporating the Murata Module allows encrypted two-way communication with IoT devices to be performed from a cloud server. This enables secure remote control and management of large numbers of IoT devices, including alive monitoring, automatic data collection, and other operational tasks, Murata explains.

The VitaNet Suite is a platform service consisting of middleware that runs on each gateway and IoT device, and cloud-based protocol conversion support. VitaNet’s patented technology converts protocols between IP networks and non-IP Bluetooth, to connect hundreds of IoT devices with secure two-way encrypted communication via a single gateway. 

The MBN52832 Bluetooth Low Energy module enables low power connectivity for data communications. It integrates a Nordic Bluetooth Low Energy IC, RF front end, and crystal into a very small form factor. There is also an Arm Cortex M4 core with 64Kbyte RAM and 512KBbyte of flash and a choice of interface for IoT applications, including medical and healthcare and machine to machine (M2M) applications.

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