Nemo Handy update accelerates 5G verification

Handheld measurement software, Nemo Handy, has been upgraded by Keysight and now supports commercial off the shelf (COTS) smartphones to quickly verify 5G new radio (NR), quality of service (QoS) and quality of experience (QoE) in the field.

According to the Global Mobile Suppliers Association, the number of announced 5G devices in the past twelve months has doubled, reaching over 440 in October 2020. As 5G grows, the industry demands access to commercial, non-rooted devices speeds testing across different end-user scenarios, network technology implementations and propagation environments.

Keysight’s new version of Nemo Handy handheld measurement software allows mobile operators and vendors to quickly verify QoE as experienced by users of different 5G devices as soon as these become commercially available on a market where delivery of superior 5G services is key to securing early revenue opportunities.

Keysight also offers the Nemo diagnostics module, an external hardware unit, which enables Nemo Handy software users to easily access non-rooted, 5G COTS smartphones. The module also offers extended measurement functionality, cost-effective voice quality testing across different 5G devices and support for up to two devices.

Nemo Handy software captures network quality measurements inside of buildings, where most mobile traffic is generated. The software can be set up simply, with no need for special firmware, when switching from one 5G COTS smartphone to another to initiate a new series of measurements, advises Keysight.

The chipset-agnostic software supports comparable measurements between devices built on various chipsets from different vendors. Images captured in the field are instantly uploaded as small log files. There is also optional remote management and quick analysis using Nemo Cloud.

The handheld drive test tool performs both outdoor and indoor measurements and offers real time measurement visualisation of radio frequency (RF), as well as data throughput, latency and signalling.

Nemo Handy runs on a rooted smartphone to allow users to troubleshoot a live 5G network with an active subscriber base. Users can also perform a wide range of measurements, including QoE of social media and over the top (OTT) applications, such as YouTube.

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