NeoMesh protocol stack allows for sensor integration, says NeoCortec

The latest version (1.6) of the NeoMesh protocol stack firmware is now available for NeoCortec’s NC2400 and NC1000 modules. The protocol stack is designed for easy integration of Sensirion SHT4xA sensors in order to build cost-effective, low power wireless temperature and humidity sensors, said NeoCortec.
The firmware of the NC2400 and NC1000 modules already includes a generic application layer which can be configured to sample a range of sensors without needing programming to implement a wireless sensor device. Now, the version 1.6 firmware enables the easy integration of Sensirion SHT4xA sensors to broaden the options to low power wireless temperature and humidity sensors for use in smart building or agriculture applications.
NeoCortec’s range of tiny modules collect data over large areas while running at an average power consumption as low as 20 microA. As a result, modules can run for years on two AA batteries, claimed NeoCortec. All NeoMesh modules are equipped with a radio and can be positioned as required around one or more buildings.
Building a NeoMesh network is easy, said the company. Users only need to switch on two nodes and the network starts to establish itself. Additional nodes will automatically join the existing network and expand it. All nodes in a NeoMesh wireless network can generate and transmit data. The protocol stack is almost infinitely expandable for most applications as up to 65,000 nodes are possible in one network, confirmed NeoCortec.
The technology is pre-certified and easy to integrate, continued the company. The modules suit a range of applications based on IoT and cloud-based sensor networks, including smart building and smart workplace, metering, security, agriculture, transportation, industry 4.0, medical and food distribution.
NeoCortec was founded in 2007 and supplies low power, bi-directional wireless mesh network modules. The company is based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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