New fuse contact for the printed circuit board

Fischer Elektronik is a manufacturer of electromechanical components which are designed, among other things, for use on the printed circuit board. One of the latest products is the “SIK 25 SMD” fuse contact, which is suitable for surface mounting. This fuse contact offers a number of advantages for connecting blade fuses to the PCB.

The “SIK 25 SMD” fuse contact is soldered directly to the surface of the PCB and thus forms a stable and reliable interface between the blade fuse and the PCB. The special feature of this fuse contact is that it is made of a resilient copper alloy, which brings good electrical conductivity with it. Thanks to the tinned surface, soldering to the circuit board is automation compatible and simple. In the final application, the fuse is connected to the fuse contact via a plug-in process. The resilient material ensures that the fuse is firmly placed without slipping or loosing the connection.

Furthermore, the fuse contact is designed for high currents and voltages. It conducts a current of up to 25 A at a rated voltage of 500 V. It is also flexible to use as it is compatible with different sizes of blade fuses. By combining two fuse contacts, the distance between the contacts can be varied, thus creating the possibility of connecting different blade fuse sizes to the PCB. The vertical connection of the fuse contact is suitable for a blade thickness of 0.65 mm and thus fits to all common blade fuse sizes.

The item is supplied in a practical Tape & Reel packaging. This packaging option enables automated PCB assembly, as the fuse contacts are removed from the tape first and then placed on the PCB.

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